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The Role of Cleaning and Sterilization in Infection Control: A Focus on Powered Surgical Instruments

Course Code: 3895 / classroom 1251 / online
  • 2 contact hours
  • Perioperative Nurses
  • Sterile Processing Personnel
  • Surgical Technologists

The sterile processing of instruments, devices, and items is a significant part of infection control in health care practice. This activity will explore the importance of infection prevention and its impact on patient outcomes. The proper steps and key clinical considerations for instrument cleaning and decontamination will be reviewed. The differences between sterilization and high-level disinfection will be discussed. Different methods of sterilization will be defined and the significance of sterilization monitoring as it impacts patient outcomes will also be included. Finally, current guidelines and recommended practices for proper decontamination and sterilization of these devices will be outlined.

  • “I enjoyed this year’s event. I liked the interactive stuff and the speakers were excellent. I liked that it was comfortable for all departments, not too technical. Understanding generations, roles and styles was done well and something any level of employee can utilize. I feel it went by fast which is unusual for a seminar. The location and food was good.”
    Karen, RN

  • “The presenters were wonderful and the hospitality was so generous. We were quite simply, pampered! We really appreciated what we learned that day. At our facility we have already responded to the new information regarding surgical smoke from the Vangie Dennis lecture for instance. We are implementing changes right now that will protect our workers.”
    April, RN

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