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Every day, your goal is to provide the best care possible. And our goal is to help you. With a commitment to innovation, we’re constantly working to develop industry-leading tools and solutions to give you and your patients an advantage.

Surgical Orthopaedic Technology

Surgical Solutions

System 7

Designed and engineered for high performance, System 7 is Stryker’s most reliable drill platform for heavy-duty large bone applications.

  • Optimized for cordless, heavy-duty, large bone applications
  • Includes sagittal, precision, reciprocating and sternum saws
  • Rotary handpiece allows attachments to both drill and ream
9100-004-499 Rev None

Cordless Driver – CD4

With a compact and ergonomic one handpiece design, CD4 offers a powerful cordless solution for Sports Med and Ortho Trauma reaming procedures. The quick-connect attachments are easy and efficient to use.

  • POWEReam Technology and quick-connect attachments to pin, drill, cut and ream with ease
  • Stryker SmartLiFE Li-Ion battery technology provides consistent power throughout the case
  • Compatible with SORN Remote Device Management, allowing you to seamlessly maintain your power tool inventory for peak performance


9100-004-500 Rev None


Comfortable, lightweight and precise, SABO2 is a dedicated handpiece that provides cutting efficiency and consistency all while delivering long-lasting power. Optimized for cutting speed, control and accuracy, the lower profile puts the sagittal saw closer to the surgeon’s hand for greater maneuverability.

  • Tailored specifically for sports medicine and ortho trauma
  • Dedicated handpiece puts sagittal saw head close to surgeon’s hand for enhanced control
  • Cordless freedom of movement
9100-004-498 Rev None

CORE Console & RemB

The CORE Console provides a centralized system powering multiple surgical instruments, eliminating the need for various power sources.

The versatile RemB system integrates the performance of the CORE console with drivers, saws and drills optimized for agility and control during removal and reshaping in small bone extremity applications.

9100-004-501 Rev None

Flyte Personal Protection System

Combining superior comfort and support with the highest levels of protection, the Flyte Personal Protection System helps prevent exposure to infectious body fluids, transfer of micro-organisms and particulate matter.

  • Market-leading protective suits and helmets
  • Provides AAMI Level 4 (highest) protection against infectious body fluids, micro-organisms and particulate matter
  • Includes cooling, communication and illumination systems
9100-004-503 Rev None

SmartPump Tourniquet System

A high performance solution aimed at helping you balance between providing bloodless field and protecting patient well-being. Reliable and intuitive, the SmartPump Tourniquet System is complete with multiple built-in safety checks.

  • Cuffs with EvenAIRe technology optimize occlusion at the lowest pressures possible, potentially reducing complications and pain associated with higher levels
  • Captures peri-op tourniquet data per AORN and AST recommendations
9100-004-497 Rev None


Our lineup of cement delivery systems, pre-packed kits and accessories were developed to provide you with cement that’s consistent, easy to prep and apply with minimal waste or fumes for optimal efficiency.


  • Universal mixer for all bone cements
  • Unique blade biasing ensures blades scrape bowl with or without vacuum
  • Reduces porosity and unmixed cement

ACM Advanced Cement Mixing System

  • Cartridge-based vacuum mixer; porosity <0.1%
  • Closed system evacuates 99.99% of harmful PMMA fumes
  • Multiple tips, pressurizers and BioPrep™ accessories for optimal bone prep, placement and infusion

Revolution Cement Mixer & Delivery System

  • Rotary handpiece generates consistent, in-cartridge mixing of any cement
  • Clear cartridge provides visibility, and injection gun assists delivery
  • Pre-packaged total knee and hip kits available
9100-004-502 Rev None
  • “My customers who attended the SSA in Pittsburgh are raving about it. A few of them said they attend “many AORN events” and this one was first class, and very educational!
    Thought you’d like to hear that! Thanks for putting this together.”
    Stryker Sales Rep, Pennsylvania

  • “The presenters were wonderful and the hospitality was so generous. We were quite simply, pampered! We really appreciated what we learned that day. At our facility we have already responded to the new information regarding surgical smoke from the Vangie Dennis lecture for instance. We are implementing changes right now that will protect our workers.”
    April, RN